Wayanad is an excellent place to visit and enjoy because of its plethora of magnificent sights and it makes the tourist destinations in Wayanad worth visiting. It is a place that can offer the stupendous pleasure of trekking trails. A Varieties of flora and fauna, visiting beautiful spots. As well as trilling waterfalls experience. And also, look back to history and caves. In addition, vibrant birds and pleasant sounds. Tourists love this excellent spot for years because of all this combination of attractions.

Open doors of trekking spots

The trekking experience of tourist places in Wayanad is amazing. The wanderers have enough options to select their favorite spot in Wayanad for trekking. You can feel the freshness of Wayanad while trekking through the tourist destinations. The refreshing climate and pleasant scenery make an amazing experience for the tourist. Let us look at the most attractive and excellent trekking sites.


Enjoy the waterfalls

Tourists have enough tourist destinations in Wayanad to visit waterfalls. Enjoying drizzling waterfalls would be a mind-blowing experience. Greenery and scenic beauty around the waterfalls fill the heart of visitors with happiness. There are small and high waterfalls here. One can feel the extreme freshness by visiting these spots. The waterfalls are a must-visit because it would be a chance to mingle with nature. Just know about the important waterfalls in Wayanad before planning a trip.


Dams in Wayanad to visit

dams to visit in wayanad
Banasura-feel wayanad

Banasura Sagar Dam is the most popular and proud of Wayanad. In addition, it is the largest earthen dam in India. And also the second largest in Asia. You can hikes into the surrounding mountains from here. The Karapuzha Dam is also a favorite spot for tourists. It is yet another earthen dam worth visiting in Wayanad.


Chilling Climate

900 kandi is worth to visit in wayanad

In addition to scenic beauty, the climate is also a reason for tourists to visit Wayanad. A cooling climate refreshes the mind of the visitors. Traveling through foggy paths is an ineffable feeling to experience here. Thus places here are favorite spots for a honeymoon. Always during the winter season, there is a rush of tourists to enjoy these vibes. Random waterfalls on the sides of Lakkidi hairpin road also called Thamarassery churam attract travelers to visit during the monsoon. Comparatively pleasant and cool climates add worth to this place.


Platform to see wild life

Traveling through the canopy of the forest and observing the animals on the side of roads is common to enjoy here. It would be a new and memorable moment for someone living in cities. Mingling with nature is yet another boon to tourists. Herds of elephants crossing the roads is a usual scene of Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary. Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary is also a beautiful place to enjoy wildlife.

Vibrant and rare species of birds can be observed in Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary.


Tales of History

edakkal cave in wayanad to a worth visiting
Edakkal-feel Wayanad

Many tourist places in Wayanad like Edakkal Caves, Chain Tree, Pazhassi Raja Smrithi Mandapam helps to revive the roots of history. It will be a time to collect information about our past and ancient life. At the same time to know more about craft and culture. There are many historical temples in this place to visit. It includes Seetan Devi Lava Kusa Temple and Jain temple.


Scope for shopping

Uravu-bamboo feel Wayanad

Handicraft made with bamboo is available in Bamboo Factory at Uravu. You can purchase rare collections of bamboo crafts for interior designing from here. From tribes, you can buy fresh and tasty honey. Bamboo rice is very uncommon in markets, but it is available here.


It is certainly worth visiting Wayanad because of its tourist attractions. The refreshing climate and purity of nature are the two facts about this place. You can see and fill your heart by visiting beautiful spots like Kurumbalakotta and Chembra peak. There is a list of trekking and tourist places in Wayanad for you to select for trekking and adventures. Wildlife Sanctuaries and historical spots add the value of your visit. So it is a delightful experience for tourists to feel the freshness of Wayanad.

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