lake in wayanad
lake in Wayanad

The gorgeous Pookode lake in Wayanad is just about 15 km away from Kalpetta. Also, just around 2 KM away from National Highway 766, which connects Kozhikode to Bengaluru. Pookode lake is also the second-largest freshwater Lake in the Kerala state. Also, this is a part of the strictly conservating ecological zone with endangered trees.

When we were looking into this Lake’s calm and refreshing beauty, the surroundings are the major attraction of this spot. And this Lake is nestled between the Western Ghats and the evergreen forest. So exploring the site would a wonderful experience for nature lovers and photographers., let us go through the amazing things you can experience from this gorgeous Pookode lake.

History of Wayanad – Story behind the origin

bluewater lilies in pookode lake
bluewater lilies in pookode lake

The Pookode Lake is a place where you can entirely fall in love with the beauty of the dark greeny forest due to the freshness of the Lake, and it gives an excellent playtime for your children in the park. In addition, The Panamaram river, which is the main tributary to Wayanad’s famous Kabani river, originates from this Lake. Furthermore, it is observed that this lake’s shape has an identical look to an Indian map.

The Strech around Pookode Lake

pookode lake open now
Pookode lake pavement

There is a 1.5km long pavement around Pookode Lake to enjoy the natural touch of Wayanad’s nature. This stretch is the most loved photographic spot of Pookode lake. Suppose you are a solo traveler and like to walk alone so that this place can give you an incredible experience of mindfulness. The dark shades of trees cover the sun and make a remarkable walking experience with a cool breeze.

Geography of the Lake

The Pookode Lake spread over thirteen acres of land and having about forty meters of width. Also, the bluewater lilies scattered on the lake water adds a magnificent scene in the lakeshore. Because of the freely roaming monkeys and specially designed play areas, children will have a great time at this location.

lakes in wayanad
monkeys near the lake in Wayanad

Pethia Pookodensis

Another importance of this Lake for fish lovers is the presence of a unique species of fish known as Pethia Pookodensis, which is said to be only seen here.

Boating in the Pookode Lake

pookode boating
boating in the lake in wayanad

Pedal boating across the Lake will be a superior entertainment experience. Boating through the soft greenish Lake is the main attraction of this spot. You can feel the magical ambiance curated by nature. The stunning view around the Lake can be a heart-filling sight while boating. There is a separate amount for boating other than the entry fee. 

Shopping in Pookode Lake

If you are a handicraft lover, Pookode lake hosts a small shopping area for handicrafts and souvenirs. Original spices are available in the shops if you need a touch of them. Plenty of craft items made with bamboo and wood are available here. The Wayanad District Tourism Promotion Council is facilitating this shopping.

Pookode Lake is a well-celebrated tourist place in Wayanad and a fantastic spot to bring children for the excursion.

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