Banasura Sagar dam is well known for its heavenly beauty. Nature lovers and homophiles are addicted to the stunning beauty melted in Banasura Sagar dam. Banasura is one of the most cherished spots by the visitors in spite of the beauty, history, and stories behind construction also attract the eyes and heart of the visitors. Let us go through the mind-blowing attractions of the largest earthen dam and the second largest in Asia.

Banasura is located at Padinjaratara 22 km away from Kalpetta. For adventurous and thrilling speed and peddling boat ride lovers this spot offer really a wonderful experience.

A boat ride across the dam along with seeing the islands in it is a delightful experience for the visitors. Trekking in the dark forests of Banasura peak is yet another attraction of this place. Which gives a full view of the beautiful Banasura Hills. Fresh breeze and greenery add recreation. The cool and refreshing climate attracts more people to this destination. A good and safe staycation is available nearest to this spot. Thus this spot became a favorite for family travelers. For Photographers and Architects, this is a wonderful spot to explore their skills and researches.



The mud structure of the dam built with massive stacks of stones and boulders make this dam different from other dams. Recently added Zipline facility in addition attracts more tourist to this destination. Fish pedicures, swings, and play areas for kids are available here. The best time to enjoy the vibes is in the early morning and late afternoon. Vehicles and rope slides are available for elders if needed. Eye pleasing background of the dam creates a mesmerizing gratification.


The boating, trekking, zipline, and its construction along with scenery are the specialties of this beautiful dam in Wayanad. Eco-friendly tourism and a cool and pleasant climate refresh your mind. It is a never-miss tourist place in Wayanad. Also, a good place to spend vacations with family.