One of the most surreal places in Wayanad that you should not miss out on is the beauty of the Bamboo Forest at Muthanga. It will give a wonderful boost to your vacation in Wayanad with a bit of Eco-Tourism. A visual treat of greenery can be experienced on visiting the canopy of Bamboo Forest. This place might include in places to visit in Wayanad.

    The Nilgiri Biosphere Region consist of the extensive existence of teak timberlands and bamboo trenches are the attraction of this forest. There are homestay’s available to stay and experience the beauty of flora and fauna. Wildlife can be observed and the lust greenery can make you amused. Those who love wild safaris get a blissful moment here. The best time to visit this place is from February to October. Choosing early morning and late afternoon will be good to visit this place. These forests are well known for preserving endangered flora and fauna and will give a fresh eye. As well this unique forest is an integral part of tribes who depend on the forests. Animals like bison, cheetah, wild bear are widely seen here.

The Government authorities took an effort to preserve the ‘Bamboo rice’ which is a traditional food recipe in Wayanad.   Muthanga Bamboo forest is the best place to soak in the amazing beauty of the region while you are exploring Wayanad. You can feel the peace inside and out. The cool climate and fresh air fill happiness within you. Being in link with nature and wildlife is the best part of this spot.