If you are wandering to savor an adrenaline rush then Kolagapara in Nenmeni is the best place to explore in Wayanad. Kolagappara is at an altitude of three thousand feet above sea level. It is a wonderful place for a short time trekking and the beautiful surroundings calm down your mind. The view of sunrise and sunset from the top point of Kolagappara is an amazing thing to experience.


The presence of the elephant-shaped rock is the eminent attraction of this spot. This rock stands out in the whole landscape and makes an adventurous spot for climbing. The mesmerizing view of the hill and river attracts the visitors. A cool and pleasant climate is also the reason for travelers to reach here.

It is better to visit from October to February as the slopes of the rocks turn slippery during monsoon season.

A lot of homestays and resorts are available near this spot. You can stay and experience village beauty and get relaxed. Greenish land and an awesome climate create an amazing feeling inside you.

 The trekking and scenic beauty of this place are ineffable. Elephant-shaped rock is there to make you in the trill of climbing. You can feel the hug of wind here. The greenish landscape and the view from the viewpoint make you in love with this spot. It is a nice and adventurous place to be visited in Wayanad.