Edakkal Caves showcases nature’s skill and philosophy of architecture. It is located about twenty-five kilometers away from Kalpetta. The word ‘Edakkal’ means ‘a stone in between’. These caves are the only known place in India with Stone Age Carvings. Eddakal has some links with Indus Valley Civilisation.


It will approximately take 45 minutes to climb the hills and can experience the vibes of this historical place. Carvings of animal figures, humans, and objects used by humans can sight on the walls of the caves.

The History

A lot of stories are there about the existence of Eddakal Caves in Wayanad. Carvings and pictorial paintings are the major attractions of this spot. Let us go through the stories behind the formation of Edakkal Caves.

These caves are formed with arrows fired by Lava and Kusha, the sons of Lord Rama and Seetha Devi. Another story about Edakkal is associated with the Goddess Mudiampally and Kutti Chathan. As an honor to the Goddess local people conduct pilgrimage trips to this place. The pictorial paintings and carvings on walls of caves indicate this place as a habitat of Neolithic people.

Reaching There

Travelers need to trek through the Ambukuthimala to reach these caves. The script in Tamil and Brahmi are carved on the walls along with that four hundred signs were recently discovered. All of this had interconnection with the ancient civilization. A carved picture of a man with a jar cup is prominent among them.


Visiting time of the caves starts from morning to evening. Traveling facility is available up to mid-way of the hills. A reasonable entry fee is there to enter the caves. Ascend to the top of the hill is very adventurous and all effort get complete satisfaction when you reach the main destination. It might be difficult for children and elder ones as you need to put some physical effort to reach the destination.

Final Words

You can experience a stupendous view from the top of the caves. An amazing place for one who loves to know about ancient life and scripts. Moreover, we get a chance to know and grab knowledge about the history of ancient life.