Kurumbalakota hill is located at Kottatara Panchayat in Kalpetta. It is a favorite spot for Wayanad explorers to experience morning vibes. A splendid view of surroundings can be witnessed from the top of the hill. Kurumbalakota has also become one of the best trekking spots in Wayanad.

Trekking Experience

Trekking in Kurumbalakotta hill is popular. Venturesome people will surely enjoy trekking on this hill. This spot gives almost half of the district views and also neighboring Ambukuthi, Chembra, and Banasura Mountains can be seen from this hill.

It is your choice to opt for trekking up the hamlet or jeep ride. As you need some effort to pass through the rocky way up the hill. But all those difficulties get vanished when you sight the breathtaking view.

The view of thin rays of sunlight crossing the cloud and mist has been a fascinating experience offered by this spot.


Magic of sunset

A beautiful sunset can be experienced from neighboring Kurushu Mala which is closer to this spot. You can visit St. Jude church which 2.2 kilometers from the viewpoint.  A nine hundred-year-old temple is also located 1.6 kilometers from the spot. You can stay at the top of the hill in tents provided by individual Resorts and experience every bit of beauty of this spot. History says this hill is belonging to Kurumba caretakers.

The bit of History

The local King used this hill to spy on the monuments below the fort. This place is the Territory of the Vedara dynasty. Remains of the fort are not yet spotted. It is believed that this hill got the name of the King whose name was Kurumbapaalakan.

Final Glance

It is best to spend two days in Kurumbalakotta hills. On the first day, it is good to spent an entire day and night on the hilltop to feel and experience the magical view and climate of this spot by staying on the tends. On the second day, you can get ready to see the spectacular sunrise from the viewpoint and also spent some spiritual time in the nearest temple and church to make your mind peaceful and calm