Uravu – The Bamboo Factory is the finest place to visit in Wayanad if you wish to add up educative and inspiring things to your trip. Handmade crafts, pens, lampshades, furniture, baskets, and other items made with bamboo are the real attractiveness of this place. It will be a new experience for visitors to learn about art and culture and fall in love with bamboo products. Have a look at the distinct and prominent features of this spot.

Craft and Art lovers’ beloved place Uravu has located about 12 km from Kalpetta. Availability and amazing collections of bamboo products open the door for shopping at a reasonable price in Uravu. We can find beauty, hard work, and nature together here. The wonderful transformation of bamboos into amazing products is the major attraction of this place. A lot of scope for collecting interior designing craft as well attract more travelers and craft lovers to here.

Uravu is a platform opened to encourage traditional technology and craftsmanship of the tribes in creating wide varieties of products using bamboos. Products and the environment in Uravu create a space to interact with nature and influence the need for preserving natural resources. It is the best spot to make a bond with tradition, Culture, and Art. Interaction with artists and bamboo craftsmen in the surrounding area certainly makes your visit fertile and meaningful.

Uravu is a place where you can learn about bamboos, craft, and art, and feel the happiness of collecting products directly from Artisans. Moreover, this encourages the people to maintain and hold on to the purity of nature, tradition, and crafts. All this together says Uravu-The Bamboo forest is a no-missed place to visit in Wayanad.