People who visit the Chain Tree of Lakkidi would hear about haunted tales of horror in this place. The history behind the formation of the Thamarassery Ghat way passage which connects two districts Kozhikode and Wayanad.  Karinthandan a tribal man is being honored by everyone as he was the master brain of this route to Wayanad. A tree tied with a chain can be witnessed at the highway of Lakkidi which has become a hot spot for tourists.

Stories say British engineer sought the help of Karinthandan to find access to this beautiful treasure trove and shortest route. After getting benefit he killed him to own all credit for finding this route. Later cheated and crucified tribe man’s soul disturbed the passenger traveling through this way. As per belief his soul is captured and tied with a tree of Lakkidi to solve this problem.


        On the way to Thamarassery Ghat Pass, you will find the Chain Tree. Usually, travelers spend their time watching and observe the tree and chain tangled around it. Scary tales never stopped visitors to praise the real hero Karinthandan. What makes everyone surprised is the chain gets taller with the natural growth of the tree. It will be a new experience and knowledge for anyone who visits this place for the first time. People’s Action for Education and Economic Development carry out a rally every year in memory of the first martyr of Wayanad and this rally is known as Karithandan Smriti Yatra.

A small temple named Changala Muneeshwaran Kovil has been build adjacent to the tree. The deity of this temple is none other than Karithandan who was killed by British Engineer.

          If you wish to know about the history and man behind the beautiful and short way to Wayanad. This place would meet your demand. We can share our experience and spooky stories of chain tree with our friends and beloved ones. As well it would be a good moment to remember a legend and his idea to develop this beautiful and stunning route to Wayanad.