Lakkidi is the stunning passageway of Wayanad; it is located at the peak of the Thamarassery Ghat pass. The mesmerizing scenery Lakkidi viewpoint makes travelers stop their drive for a while to experience the view. The nine hairpin turns are the attraction of this spot, where you can capture the resplendent view of mountains in Wayanad. This picnic spot and the beautiful passage to Wayanad are also known as the ‘Gateway of Wayanad.’

View from Lakkidi View Point

A walk through Nature

       The Viewpoint of Lakkidi offers a bird’s eye view of the environment. During the rainy season, small waterfalls can be seen here. Rock walls, trees, and creeping plants bloom give a vibrant view to the travelers. A lot of monkeys with their troop can be seen here. Travelers are always interested in feeding these monkeys with fruits and other eatables. Children love this spot as they can watch the play of monkeys.

The Night View

The nighttime view of this spot is just amazing. The complete place seems like a group of fireflies blinking together. The greenery of the slopes on the sides and stream coming from the top of rocks are the attraction of this spot. The Chain tree is another spot that can be visited from the Lakkidi viewpoint. Many resorts and bungalows are available near this spot to provide accommodation and services. Lakkidi Viewpoint is in a rush with people and vehicles during daytime and nighttime.

The morning drive through this misty way is an amazing feeling to be experienced once in a lifetime. During monsoon, drizzling and small streams add beauty to this spot.

          Offering a cool and mesmerizing view seeks more attention to this spot. The captivating beauty of nature can be experienced from this viewpoint. Visiting during misty morning and freezy nighttime makes your visit worth it. The freshness of nature and greenish slopes melt your heart.

The Conclusion

The welcoming experience of this passage to Wayanad is excellent with its beauty, climate, and attractive surroundings. From the top of the viewpoint, the foggy view is the ineffable and must-visit spot to feel the charm.